Angelic Hosts: Discovering Hosts of the Heavenly Kind

Angelic Hosts: Discovering Hosts of the Heavenly Kind

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Throughout the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation angels are mentioned over 270 times in what Hebrews 1:14 clearly states are, “Ministering spirits sent out to assist those who are to inherit salvation.” Yet many of us are still quite unfamiliar with this topic. Are angels still involved in life today? What’s God’s purpose for them? Are there personal guardian angels?

These exact questions and many more will be answered as you dive in! As Brian takes you on this journey into the realms of angelic realities, you will:

  • Discover the function of angels in our lives
  • Learn how to hear God’s voice through angelic activity and wonders
  • Discover vast insights into cooperating with Heavenly hosts

Be invited into a glorious place where angelic realities can become commonplace, maximizing your life in the Spirit and ultimately your walk with God. Get ready to experience Angelic Hosts!